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File: 1494871257507.jpg–(26.28KB, 317x322, 7edc948cb1f273614841622edb7bdd963a202c3c4b4e467463)
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1514119702894.jpg–(42.24KB, 640x480, A5D37736-B7C4-473C-A628-ADBD42779101.jpeg)

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1514119749289.jpg–(170.41KB, 661x1024, 42FD7C7A-7341-4C84-8B1E-7D2898FFDC6D.jpeg)

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1514119888558.jpg–(41.21KB, 359x640, 0B014CCA-03B2-42C6-978E-D74AED612277.jpeg)

File: 1497944692831.jpg–(922.89KB, 2048x1536, IMG_6603.JPG)
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Fat cunt
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1514119247854.png–(2.27MB, 1242x2208, 84AB15B1-76ED-47B5-A824-1710F83E4367.png)

File: 1497944985062.jpg–(34.15KB, 344x458, IMG_0290.jpg)
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Eat that cum you fat slut. Would love to make you and my buddies cum dumpster for about a month. Feed you nothing but cum like a good little whores diet
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1507190872596.jpg–(133.53KB, 1125x826, IMG_0143.jpg)
I heard one time she was kidnapped by a militant group tied to isis. She was traveling overseas when the bus she was on was hijacked by two armed insurgents who planned to use the people onboard as hostages. The hijackers were armed with guns, explosives, knives and other things. She was the only American white person onboard the bus at the time so the two jihads contacted their leader who instructed them to continue the mission as normal but not to kill her. They take control of the bus and drive the bus and the hostages back to their base of operations. The muslims onboard were mostly released. Patience was separated and tied in a dark room for hours. The leader of the group comes and tells her that she will be used to get back at the infidels of the west. She begs him to please let her go and he laughs and says she will not be leaving unless all of their demands are met. He then leaves the room for a few minutes and returns with a couple of his isis members and a few knives, a gun and some explosives. They tell her she can ask two questions. First she asks "how many of you are there here?" They reply "this faction has roughly 500 members ready to die in the name of allah. Next she asks "how do you intend on using me to get your way?" The leader replies "you shall see first my men need some pleasure and they can not cheat on their wives so they shall take turns using you because it is not cheating to use a filthy animal for fun." She says "please I'm human it would be cheating." They laugh and say "look at you your trash you are nothing but a sack of meat to be used by us." The leader instructed his men to do as they wish while he goes and alerts everyone that they have a new piece of trash to enjoy. Two of the young muslims take their knives and cut her clothes off her body as roughly 40 more muslims appear in the room. She begins screaming then a gun is fired into the air. She stops screaming but is still crying. The men surround her all undressing as they caress her large bare breasts, her hair, her bald cunt.... her whole body. They hold guns to her head and lay her naked body down on a table as they surround her and take her hands and place them on their small brown dicks. One of them grabs an explosive device that is in a steel 2inch pipe roughly a foot In length and he begins rubing the round end up and down on her pussy lips. She flinches because the steel is very cold. He then begins forcefully inserting the metal pipe bomb inside her pussy. With each thrust she gasps in fear as the others are rubbing themselves on her naked body and use her hands when they can to masssage themselves. The man with the pipe bomb tells her to just enjoy herself and she says "fuck you you sick fuck." They all laugh he removes the pipe bomb from her cunt and then shoves it inside her ass hole. She screams in pain as he shoves his dick inside her pussy and begins fucking her while a bomb fills her anal cavity. Her hands are restrained by young muslims using them to pleasure themselves. She is crying as they all laugh and remind her she is nothing but trash that they will use until she is no longer needed. The man removes the bomb from her ass and instructs someone to quickly shove their dick inside her ass and another to use her mouth. She now has many Muslim men surrounding her with 3 inside her and others just rubbing her and waiting to start using her themselves. Soon the man cums inside her pussy and allows the next to start using her. She begs them to stop and the leader tells her she will be most likely used until she can no longer live. One after the other they line up and fuck her until they shoot load after load in her ass and pussy. After only maybe 100 of them shoot inside her there is massive streams of cum flowing from her cunt, ass and mouth. Others have shot all over her naked body she is soaked head to toe in cum her hair is soaked they continue using her. she's already been raped for close to 4 hours. They tell her to start acting like she likes it and they'll stop. She starts grinding on the men's dicks and rubbing others without fighting. The extra help she is now offering helps them cum twice as fast as the others. She asks for birth control and they laugh and tell her no she will be bred in captivity for years to make more militants....
¨ No.170
1507191925297.jpg–(92.89KB, 1125x829, IMG_0374.JPG)
Another 200 Muslim combatants enter to begin their shift using her and she tells them she is sore to please give her a few minutes. They agree but tell her she still has to use her hands and mouth while she rests her cum soaked cunt and ass. A few of the men start using hard pieces of rubber to push loads of cum in large piles in which they force her to start licking up. These men tell her they won't be as nice as the others. She says "what do you mean?" To which they reply "your a nasty animal and you will also be bred by other animals." They bring in two large goats and two camels. She tells them to fuck off and they all hold her down and tell her to choose. She says "no I will not. You all can fuck me and rape me and demean me but I will not do this. The men laugh and bring a goat over and place it by her. Then they grab her and place her on her knees and bend her over and place the buck on her....
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1514017757392.jpg–(416.87KB, 1242x1621, 4576A8E5-96F7-4F21-933F-B293A5314F80.jpeg)

File: 1511854959346.png–(863.44KB, 720x960, depresanon.png)
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Hey, guys. Do you like interesting shitposting? Or politmemes? Maybe u like cheeki-breeki? Join us!


File: 1497283385423.jpg–(18.13KB, 333x400, 3621575.jpg)
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onko suomalaisia eksynyt tänne?
¨ No.117
no vittu torille
¨ No.118
Postatkaas joku heti amanda varjosen nudet!
¨ No.136
hei miksei täällä tapahu mittään

File: 1497944830018.jpg–(312.32KB, 2160x1601, IMG_0252.jpg)
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File: 1497944257193.jpg–(32.94KB, 370x600, IMG_0422.jpg)
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File: 1497167708659.jpg–(1.11MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0167.jpg)
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Patience Johnson iCloud leak
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1514119180788.png–(2.51MB, 1242x2208, 14991FD6-D25A-4A03-B4B1-B6BDA9422360.png)

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1514119304065.png–(2.05MB, 1242x2208, 3318D5F0-A3F6-4ED2-AFD2-668017050B77.png)

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1514119351178.png–(2.20MB, 1242x2208, 56930317-08C0-4591-9A8C-A4D20D4EFCF0.png)

File: 1497094068290.jpg–(1.45MB, 1920x1080, 442794.jpg)
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Post something more beautiful than this

File: 1495001118373.jpg–(5.47KB, 206x220, 14949984830820s.jpg)
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Меня уже заебал этот пиздец. Крч,у меня есть ЕОТ. Она оч няшная тяночка,но не суть. Неделю назад звал её гулять после занятий офк,но она проморозилась в духе любых шкур (типа домашки много и тд). А вчера я увидел как она общается с местным ерохой и сидит у него на коленях(пздц я бомбанул в тот момент),но это еще не все. Позже я встретил их в городе,где они гуляли. И в этот раз домашки на завтра пздц как много. Я не пойму чому ей ероха понравился. Типичное быдло которое бухает и тусуется с таким же быдлом. Видили бы вы его стр в вк такой даунич. Из него максимум кто получится это васян с завода. Потому что этот дебс оч тупой. Его максимум это работать на заводе. Объянсите почему мир такой хуевый? Быдлу достается все а норм челикам ничего? Пздц этот ерохин даже мемы про пепе не знает и не орет вголос с хохлов когда мы обсуждаем их.

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